Our Real Nappy Week interview

Edinburgh Dad, Ismael Martinez, lives in Roseburn. He talked to us about his experience of using real nappies:

How old is your baby and when did you start using cloth nappies?
We have a daughter, she’s 18 months old. We started using cloth nappies from around 6 weeks old, before that everything was just a bit too crazy!

Why did you choose to use cloth nappies?
I had done some reading about disposable and cloth nappies before Ada was born. Probably the part that convinced me was reading that disposables take a hundred years or more to decompose. Thinking that those nappies would take longer to decompose than the rest of my life made me want to give reusable cloth nappies a try.

What did you think about them before you started using them?
I thought they were outdated and that there would just be the square towel-type nappies we had as kids. But there are so many different choices and plenty of information out there. I am glad that we made the decision to use cloth. It’s worked well for us.

Pros and cons?
For me, the main pros are that it’s cheaper and better for the environment, the main con is having to do a nappy wash every few days.

Do you ever use disposables?
Occasionally. If we’re away on holiday and there’s no washing machine, disposables are a handy alternative.

Any notable differences between cloth and disposables?
I find the cloth ones gentler on her skin, probably because they’re made of more natural products rather than disposables which include chemicals and plastic.

What sort of cloth nappies do you use? Any particular favourite?
We actually use a variety but I’d go for All-in-One, as they are slightly easier to use.



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