My Cloth Journey

Louise Day is a member of the Edinburgh Real Nappy Community. Here she shares her experience of choosing and using cloth nappies:

I first discovered cloth nappies at a breastfeeding support group I was working at. One of the mums used them with her baby and I was really intrigued. They looked really attractive and I got talking to her about the benefits. She said she found them softer on her baby’s skin, cheaper as some can last your child from birth to potty and also environmentally friendly.

From then on I knew if I ever had children I’d use cloth! I’ve always been interested in the environment, recycling, reusing and reducing waste so, this was a big factor for me.

I bought a trial pack from Changeworks when I was pregnant and once I began telling people I was intending on using cloth lots of people started giving me cloth nappies. I was a bit worried initially as some of the people who I’d received the nappies from said they ended up not using them while some people I spoke to said things like “Why are you bothering? Disposables are more convenient!” This made me even more determined to go for it!

I’ve had fun discovering the different types of nappies – all in ones, two part nappies, pockets, terries and prefolds. It’s been a lot of trial and error. I had to get used to putting on cloth nappies making sure they fitted my baby well around the legs and working out that they sit lower than disposables. I’ve found as my baby has grown I’ve used different types of nappies. For example, as he’s filled out, some haven’t fitted as well as others so, it pays to have a range of nappies.

I also use cloth wipes which I find a lot more effective for cleaning and nicer on baby’s bottom than disposable wipes. It has definitely saved me money and also the stress of having to remember to buy nappies and wipes while doing the shopping.

I’ve used some disposables and have actually had more leaks with them. I’ve found cloth excellent at containing breastfed poo. I like the fact there are no chemicals in them also and no plastics unlike disposables.

I would thoroughly recommend anyone with children or expecting a child to try cloth nappies. Even using one cloth nappy a day can make a difference to the environment.


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