We need your skills!

As you probably already know, Edinburgh Real Nappy Community (ERNC) is a not for profit volunteer run project. We rely on people with a passion for cloth nappies lending us their time to promote reusables and to make it as easy and cost effective for families as we can.

What can I do?

There’s so much (or little) you could do for us! If you’re a cloth nappy novice, an experienced user, or perhaps your wee ones are potty trained but you want to spread the word – we want your help if you’d like to give it! The are so many ways you can be a part of the team behind ERNC and your level of commitment can suit you.

So, here’s a wee list of ways you could be involved – it’s by no means exhaustive and we’re always looking for fresh ideas!

Come along to our Nappuccinos – we’re always looking for people to come along and chat to families who haven’t used cloth nappies yet. You might want to learn how we do our cloth nappy demos or you might want to come along and chat to others about your own experiences with cloth. You could help with sales, or welcome people and make the tea & coffee. Your commitment to this can be totally flexible. We put a shout out on our volunteer group before each Nappuccino so extra volunteers can attend if they wish.

Run a Nappuccino – we currently run a monthly Nappuccino at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre, Tollcross and one on a smaller scale at The Wishing Tree Play Cafe in Musselburgh. We have spoken to other venues so we can spread our work to other locations throughout the city but at present, we don’t have the time to do any more than we are. If you’re keen to commit to running a Nappuccino, we can train you up and provide the paperwork and nappies (of course) that you’d need. We can even come along to the first couple of sessions to help you get things off the ground.

Write a blog post – our blog is our platform for chatting about things that need a bit more discussion than is suitable for Facebook or twitter. We’d love your input whether it be about using cloth nappies on holiday, in hospital, at nursery, or about your experience starting out, using our lending kits, potty training or perhaps you’d like to explore the cost savings or environmental issues surrounding real nappies. You may also have ideas of your own – we’d love to hear from you! We want ERNC to really have Community input and that means hearing your voice!!

Distributing leaflets – we have A5 posters for putting up in cafes, community centres, GP practices, sports centres, in fact anywhere people go, in order to spread the word about what we do. Part of promoting real nappies is to spread the word to those whose radar it isn’t on already.

Social Media – we try to use social media as much as possible to stay in touch with our existing community but also to reach those that have never thought about cloth nappies. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WordPress to keep in touch. So as well as looking for people to write blog posts for us we also need people to help with looking for interesting and relevant posts to share, writing discussion posts for the community group on Facebook, taking photos for us to use on Instagram and looking at ways we can make our voice heard on twitter. One of the easiest things you could do is like, comment and share our posts. Doing this on our Facebook page (not group), twitter and Instagram are most important for spreading the word.

Admin – if your skills lie here, we’re always on the look out for those who can help us compile data on how many families we’re seeing, how much landfill we’re helping to divert, the benefits of our lending kits etc. Helping ERNC needn’t mean turning up to all our events, work done in the background collecting data or just doing general admin, designing leaflets, or a website (please!!) is such a valuable contribution.

Maybe you can think of some other way you’d like to contribute. We’re all ears and we’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “We need your skills!

  1. Louise Day says:

    Hi, I am using cloth nappies with my 4 month old. I would love to help. I could talk to people, write a blog post and also distribute leaflets while I’m out and about at different cafes with my baby. I’ve not been to a nappucino yet but will make the next one.


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