Lending Kit – newborn

Our newborn lending kits are for those who wish to get off to a quick start with cloth nappies or for those whose baby is premature or on the smaller side.



Close Pop-In Newborn.

Checkout the link for more information. Lovely slim fitting nappies. You can add a bamboo booster underneath the pad for greater absorbancy.



Bamboo Terry and yellow nappy nippa

Gone are the days of nappy pins. This nappy nippa will grip to your folded terry without the possibility of scratching you or your baby. Check out YouTube for videos on nappy folds. The Newborn (AKA oragami fold) and the kite fold are good ones to start with for a newborn.



Charlie Banana pocket nappy.

This nappy comes with two microfibre inserts. It is a one size nappy that we have preset for you at the smallest setting for your newborn. Start with the small insert only so the nappy isn’t too bulky.



TotsBots Teeny fits. All in one nappies.



Bamboo boosters

These add absorbancy to your nappy. They are excellent for adding to your night nappy or any nappy that isn’t lasting as long in between changes as you’d like. These are size one, but can be used throughout the time your child is in cloth.



Travel Wet Bag

This wet bag is a valuable piece of kit for using cloth nappies when you’re out and about. Most brands make thier own version and they can also be picked up on the preloved market.



Cloth wipes

These wipes are a must for any cloth nappy kit. Simply wet, wipe and then pop in your nappy bucket or wet bag for washing with the rest of your nappies. These are cotton terry Cheeky Wipes but there are many other brands availble. Old flannels or chopped and hemmed squares of an old towel will also do the trick.



Motherease Rikki Wraps

These wraps will work with various two part nappies – not just motherease.




This Bambooty is an all in one nappy which works like a disposable, just add your liner of choice.



TotsBots Teeny Fit

This all in one nappy is as easy to use as a disposable. Simply pop in a liner and you’re good to go! This kit does not contain the most up to date versions at present and can no longer be bought new. They are easy to find on the second hand market.



Motherease Sandy’s

These lovely cotton nappies are available new or preloved and are very reliable nappies for containment. Team up with a wrap – Motherease ones in this kit with the panda print are a perfect match.



An old style TotsBots cotton nappy. Use a nappy nippa to fasten. While these are no longer made new, they are relatively easy to buy second hand. We often have these nappies available in our preloved stock.



This gorgeous bamboo nappy is ideal for nighttime use to allow you go a bit longer between changes.



Fleece Liners

These liners are washable and help keep baby’s bottom dry. Preweaning, these can be put straight in your nappy bucket or bag without rinsing.



Disposable Liners

**Important** While some disposable liners may say they are flushable, please be aware that they are not. Most companies are now changinging their wording, as while they maybe biodegradable, they will not break down quickly enough to be truly flaushable. If they don’t block your toilet, there is every chance they’re causing problems further down the sewage system.

These liners are a must for anyone using cloth nappies while their child is in nursery. They also make nappy changes a bit easier for those who find dealing with poo a wee bit tricky. Simply shake as much of the poo into the loo as possible, bag the liner and bin. These are also a compramise for those who wish to not use fleece liners for environmental reasons (microfibres releasing into the water system).


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