Lending kit – size one

This is our size one lending kit. We generally suggest trying this once your baby is 10lbs or over. We have included a small amount of information on each nappy but please click on the links provided for more information. Most of the links will take you straight to the manufacturer’s website, in some cases it will take you to a UK supplier.


Bumgenius Freetime

An all in one nappy with popper fastenings.

Bumgenius Elemental

These AIO nappies have layers of organic cotton inside. They are slim fitting and can be adjusted like the freetime above.
Bumgenius Original
This BTP pocket nappy is an older version than the above link will send you to. Pocket nappies have fleece attached to the wrap with a pocket opening that you stuff with inserts (boosters). You can change the amount and size of inserts you use depending on your baby’s size and needs.

TotsBots Eastfit v4

TotsBots Eastfit V4 is an all in one nappy, so as close to a disposable as you can get. All you need to add is a fleece or disposable liner and you’re ready to go. The absorbent inner folds out for faster drying time, simply tuck it back in again once the nappy is dry. There is a booster that you can snap in with poppers for older babies and heavy wetter’s. Here’s a bit more info on their fabrics. This nappy is orange in one of the kits.

Charlie Banana One Size Pocket
A pocket nappy that has clever adjustable leg elastic that, along with the poppers, gives you a good fit regardless of your baby’s size. Microfibre inserts (boosters) are absorbent but fast drying. You can adjust the amount of inserts you put in, or indeed, add a bamboo booster if you wish.

Bambooty Easy Dry – Medium
Another all in one (AIO) nappy

Bambino Miosolo
An AIO microfibre nappy. Easy to put on in one step, just add a fleece or disposable liner to help your baby’s bottom to stay dry and to catch poo.

Motherease one-size cotton

These cotton nappies can be adjusted to fit from birth to potty training (depending on your wee one’s size). They come with a booster that you can add as your baby grows. They are a two part system nappy which requires a wrap.

Motherease Sandy’s

Another nappy from Motherease. These are sized nappies and size one is available in this kit. The ones in this kit are cotton but they are also available in bamboo. They require an outer wrap

Little Lamb, microfibre size 1

Microfibre is the least absorbant but the fastest drying fabric. The are handy when drying in doors is your main option. These nappies stay soft wash after wash. They are two part nappies that can be used with the little lamb wrap available in this kit or indeed any of the others.

Little Lamb, bamboo size 1

Bamboo is a very absorbant fabric making it suitable for nightime use or heavy wetters. It can take a long time to dry, especially when drying indoors.

TotsBots bamboozle, size 1&2

Another bamboo nappy that is excellent for nightime use. Size 1 and 2 have been included in this kit, the size 2 is designed as a birth to potty and having both sizes to try will help you see which will give you the best fit for your baby’s size. A two part nappy requiring a wrap. A tots bots wrap is included inthis kit but it can also be used with the other wraps the kit contains – experiament to find your best fit.

Bamboo Terry and Cotton Terry

Often thought of as old fashioned, terry nappies are still relavent today. By using different folds you can find the best fit for your wee one and change as your baby grows. You Tube has many videos showing demos of various nappy folds and is a useful tool when learning different folds. Bamboo terries allow you to get a super absorbant nappy with a slimmer fit. Pins are no longer necessary, a nappy nippa grips the fabric to hold the nappy together. Add a fleece liner and an outer wrap.

Bamboo Boosters

These bamboo boosters add extra absorbancy to your nappy allowing it to be worn for longer. They come in very handy for nightime use to make your chosen nappy last through the night without leaks.

Fleece Liners

These single layers of fleece can be used to add a stay dry layer between your baby and the nappy. They also catch solids and make it easier to tip it down the toilet and protect your nappy from staining.

Disposable liners

These can be used in place of a fleece liner and disposed of in the bin. Some of ours may say that they’re flushable, they are not! They have the potential to block your toilet and even if they don’t, they do cause problems further down the sewage system. Manufacturers have changed their packaging to reflect this but some of our stock was bought before this was done.

Cloth Wipes

These cotton wipes can be used in place of disposables. Simply wet with water and use to clean your baby at each nappy change and pop in your nappy bucket or wet bag along with your used nappy.


2 thoughts on “Lending kit – size one

  1. Cassandra Salazar says:

    Hello! I am a new mummy and would like to try out this kit for my two month old. My partner and I want to do reusable nappies but are lost when it comes to which to try and what would be best for our wee one. We would like to not spend a fortune going through trial and error. Any help will do. Thank you!


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