Our first year as Edinburgh Real Nappy Community

How it all began

On the eve of celebrating our first birthday as the ERNC it feels like the right time to look back at how we began. It was just over a year ago that those of us that volunteered with Changeworks Real Nappy Project were told that their funding had been stopped. There would be no more Nappuccinos or lending kits, which meant no face to face support for people using or wishing to use cloth nappies in the Edinburgh area. Changeworks would still provide the City of Edinburgh with reduced price starter kits but the project was now over.

As unfortunate as this was, as any loss of funding is a blow to the cloth nappy community, a lot of the existing volunteers were keen to carry on and build upon the work that the real nappy project had been successfully doing for many years. A couple of meetings later, the Edinburgh Real Nappy Community was born!


Getting Started

We were at an advantage starting out as Changeworks passed on their preloved selling stock and lending kits to us. This meant that once we had organised ourselves, Nappuccinos could recommence relatively easily. We started a Facebook page and group to keep the word out about us and so we could provide online support until we were ready, and on the 2nd July 2016 we were able to relaunch at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre who have been as supportive as ever.


Where we are now

We’re gradually finding our feet in the cloth nappy world. Our monthly Nappuccinos at the PPC are where we bring a large amount of preloved stock to sell, providing people with quality nappies at a low price, allowing them to try without a large expense and encouraging a reuse culture. We also demonstrate how to use the various types of modern cloth nappies and help take the mystery out of the complicated terminology! We’ve started a smaller pop-up style meet at the Wishing Tree Play Cafe in Musselburgh along side the East Lothian Sling Library and we hope to start one at Toots Play Cafe in the coming weeks. Our pop-ups still provide the same demos but only a small amount of selling stock for those that find our large nappuccinos difficult to get to.


Going forward

After a very exciting RNW2017 promoting cloth and making new contacts we’re looking forward to our first birthday party/AGM on Sunday! We’re looking forward to the next year, launching our lending kits, getting some new volunteers on board, and supporting charities where we can with any excess donations. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what we’re doing and what you’d like to see in the future. Involvement from the wider community is so important to us!

Its been a really exciting journey so far and we’ve been overwhelmed with the interest and support from our ever growing community and beyond. We’re delighted with what we’ve achieved in our first year and are excited about our plans for the next one. Watch this space!

Yours, the ERNC volunteers x